Digital Marketing

Strategic Digital Marketing for Business Growth

What is Digital Marketing?

It involves things like SEO, Advertising and more. Just throwing some money at something doesn’t work either. One needs to have a solid marketing structure in place so that any movement forward is a positive one.

About Digital Marketing and SEO

Traditional marketing has rapidly changed since electronic devices have become a mainstay in today’s world. The new discipline of Digital Marketing has arisen to meet the demands of businesses looking to engage with their target markets. The digital marketing channels now available to reach customers are expanding daily, and understanding how to best use these channels to meet business goals can be daunting. In this fast-paced digital world, businesses need to partner with experts who understand the nuances of engagement in these channels.

Why is it so important?

WDH’s Digital Marketing strategies are tailored to help clients navigate the digital waters of customer engagement and meet business goals. Our research-based approach allows us to understand a brand’s target market, whether it’s direct to consumer or business-to-business. We strategize, plan, and deploy Digital Marketing campaigns, and can also help clients understand the “how” and “why” so they can make better decisions for allocating efforts and budgets.





Because they can’t be seen.

One of the contributing factors for poor site rankings is the probability that your site’s “On Page” SEO is not correctly optimised.

Poor optimisation of the simple things like: Title, Description, Keywords, Robot Txt Files and Site Maps may have a negative effect on your rankings and site reputation throughout Google.

We all know that Google is Boss, so your site must be optimized correctly so that Google’s spiders find your site & in-turn like it.OnPageSEOChecklist

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